Kitchener’s best Pupusas, Tacos and more

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A grilled tortilla, stuffed with your choice of filling. We offer a variety of filling options, including fried pork, cheese, jalapeño and re-fried beans. Top your pupusa with our home made Salvadorian style coleslaw and salsa, all made in-house. If you haven’t tried one before, be prepared to have a new favorite food. 

  • Fried Pork & Cheese
  • Fried Pork, Cheese & Beans
  • America Latina Special (Fried Pork, Cheese, Beans and Jalapeño)
  • Cheese
  • Cheese with Jalapeño
  • Cheese & Loroco
  • Beans & Cheese
  • Fried Pork
  • Beans
$3.50 each


Chicken or Beef
(Garnished with tomato, onion, cilantro and green salsa)

Order of 3 for $12.50

Birria Tacos

Order of 4 for $17.50 | Add cheese for $1

Tacos Al Pastor

Served with a side of grilled onion and pineapple

Order of 3 for $16.00


Filled with mashed potatoes and beef. Deep fried and served with a side of Aji.

$2.75 each | 10 or more, $2.50 each



Corn dough, chicken, red pepper & green olive

$4 each


Corn dough, chicken, potatoes and chickpeas

$3 each

Sweet Corn Tamales

Served with 1oz of sour cream

$2.99 each


Filled with cheese or cheese and guava

$2.25 each or 6 for $11

All Day Breakfast

Scrambled eggs with onion and tomato, fried beans, sour cream, fried plantain & 1 fresh hand made tortilla.

$12 each


Sprinkled with just sugar or cinnamon & sugar

$2.50 or 3 for $6


6 slices. Served with 1oz of sour cream


Seafood Soup

A hearty serving of fresh seafood. Served with one fresh, hand made tortilla.

Available weekends only

Beef Soup

A hearty serving of beef, cabbage, cassava, white zucchini, chayote and corn. Served with one fresh, hand made tortilla.

Available weekends only

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